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About Us

Founders of BioeXsen are academicians who have completed 32 different R&D projects funded since the company establishment in 2014. These projects resulted in 162 different molecular biotechnology products that were started to be used immediately after their release. Our products have been meeting the key technological needs of the strategic institutions.

BioeXsen has developed the first 100% domestic robotic molecular analyzers. The products have been routinely used for rapid identification of viral and bacterial pathogens in human and animal health and food safety areas.

Our academic R&D team involved in 88 different projects of 28 different universities and shared our experience and products with the academic life science researchers.

Our R&D team has currently been carrying out 5 different R&D projects. These projects are related to obesity risk, sportive performance, fungal and viral pathogen genotyping and nanotechnology-based biosensors for the onsite diagnosis.

Our Vision
Presenting solutions that enhance quality, speed and cost of public services provided by institutions that uses molecular biotechnology tools.

Our Mission
In order to achieve our vision, understanding the technological needs of molecular biotechnology service providers, designing and carrying out innovative R&D projects to meet the technological needs and presenting the products to the service providers.

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